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 Hola! / Hello! / I  come in Peace! 

Liliana Lopez, or simply Lili, is a Savannah College of Art and Design graduate. She studied animation and is from Beaumont, Texas. She enjoys working with any form of animation, whether that be 2D, 3D, or Stop Motion. However, her main focus is effects Animation. She draws her attention to effects animation due to it being abstract but still having a sense of character when animating elementals. 

Apart from her career as an artist, Lili enjoys dancing—no genre in specific. In addition, she enjoys trying new foods but cannot go wrong when it comes to Mexican food, if spicy even better! Lili travels to Mexico and enjoys the adventures traveling has to offer. She is passionate about dogs and does her best to balance exercising in the fast-paced, demanding challenge known as Life.

Lili enjoys communing with others and does anything she can to aid those in need. She maintains a busy schedule as “I’m bored” was not an acceptable phrase in her household. Specifically, her goal is to show her work to the world and inspire others to pursue their dreams. She desires to be an inspiration to younger generations and mentor upcoming artist, teaching them what she has learned from her experience as an artist.

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